A smile makeover can be a life changing event. It effects not just your teeth but how you feel about yourself and how you present yourself. It can give you a real confidence boost.

A naturally beautiful smile makeover while radiant and engaging is not obvious. It looks like it belongs specifically to you and fits your face and personality.

No two individuals are alike either in appearance or personality. One size doesn’t fit all. We pride ourselves in providing beautiful healthy smiles with a natural look, one individual at a time.

Patients that we have treated are told that they look great and ask if they have lost weight or have a new hair style. Very rarely do even close friends notice that the teeth have been altered and that is how our goal for you.

Often our patients that have had a smile makeover are ask “What are you so happy about?”. That is because their smile now “pops” and even though they smile and laugh the same their smile is more noticeable and pleasing.

Life changing you may ask? Consider this. Do you know someone who hides their teeth when they laugh? Have you noticed people who will never smile for a picture? Do you recall school mates who were embarrassed by their smile and do they hide their smiles to this day? Yes, a smile makeover can be a life changing event.

Check out our smile gallery! You will find that each patient has their own unique look.

If you are considering a smile makeover at our office we begin with photos, x-rays and models so that we can design a naturally beautiful smile specifically for you.

We design you new smile on models and you approve the new look before we ever touch your teeth.

When you decide that we are the smile artist for you, your temporary restorations allow you to “test drive” your new look, before the permanent porcelain restorations are made. Any changes are made in the temporary restorations, so you get no surprises when we place your final porcelain veneers
or crowns.

Achieving the smile of your dreams initially is much easier than trying to correct a disappointing smile makeover previously done elsewhere.

All of our cosmetic veneers and crowns are personally crafted by master ceramist, Ken Rockwell, located here in Tallahassee. He and Dr. DeLopez have worked closely together for over 20 years.

E-mail us and we will e-mail back to you a SELF SMILE EVALUATION which can aid you in making decisions about your appearance and smile.

If you are considering a life enhancing smile makeover selecting the cheapest dentist is probably not a wise decision, however it is only fair to want the best value for your time and money. The best value for you often is not the most expensive option that you will be quoted if you seek more than one opinion.

Call us at 850-386-5174 or visit our Tallahassee dental office to decide if we are the office to create the veneers and crowns for your new smile.