I want to help you keep your teeth and good health for a life time.

I am sure that you also want your teeth to feel good, look good and last a long time.

That means preserving healthy tooth structure and eliminating any infection in your mouth. ( I discussed this in the dental health segment.)

Realize that after age 12, when your permanent teeth are in your mouth, you don’t grow any more enamel. Enamel is incredibly durable but it does wear, chip and break over time. One can neglect it for a while, but when it is gone you will be faced with extractions or costly repairs.

On the WEB and in my office I show a lot of smile makeovers because it is easy for you the patient to see the type of care I provide for my patients in very challenging situations with veneers and crowns.

Please notice that I provide the minimum amount of dentistry required to achieve the patient’s aesthetic goals. A makeover might just require bleaching and two ceramic restorations. Many of my very dramatic makeovers just involved 4 teeth and of course sometimes all of the teeth need to be restored.

The point is that I strongly believe in preserving as much of your natural healthy tooth structure as possible. Philosophies about how many teeth need to be restored to obtain maximum dental health vary widely in the dental profession. This is an important consideration when you select a dentist either here in Tallahassee or elsewhere.

You might also be surprised to know that 80% of the treatment that I provide for patients is caring for back teeth and keeping the gums healthy.

In fact I have published numerous articles in national and international dental journals, sharing my crown techniques for back teeth with dentists throughout the world. I also have lectured at state and national level dental conferences.

What this means to you is I have years of experience and I am staying on the cutting edge of advances in dentistry.

Our office is known for being on time and our friendly competent team treats each patient with the courtesy and respect that they deserve.

Whether you want a smile makeover or have the goal of keeping healthy comfortable teeth for a life time, come in and experience the difference in our office. You’ll be glad you did.