Veneers are porcelain facings which are bonded to your teeth. They are beautiful, natural looking and stain resistant. Veneers are conservative dentistry that can make dramatic changes in your smile – in a matter of weeks.

Porcelain veneers are most often used to close gaps, change color or even straighten teeth.

The Difference You Can See

Because this is one of the best options available in cosmetic dentistry, choosing the right dentist to enhance your smile is important. With extensive casework and experience, Dr. Savardi and Dr. DeLopez take the time to work with you to create the perfect smile, unique to you. You can be confident that your porcelain veneers will be:

  • the most natural light-reflecting color
  • beautifully shaped
  • the right size
  • and the right texture to fit you.

Their practice and team have been built around expertise, with an atmosphere that provides a more comfortable experience.

Decades of Experienced Artistry

The artistry and precision of the lab creating the porcelain restorations is also vital for amazing results. Well planned and organized teamwork between Dr. Savardi, Dr. DeLopez and the lab technician truly produce world class restorations. It’s this level of experience, communication and shared vision that really make a difference for our patients.

Here and in our before-and-after Smile Gallery, you can see some of the dramatic changes that Dr. DeLopez has made for patients in our practice.

Raising the Level of Dentistry Around the World

Dr. DeLopez has also published numerous articles in national and international dental journals on esthetic restorations. He has instructed dentists around the world and is honored to know that he has helped improve the treatment for many patients, including some he will never see personally.

Case Studies

Case 12
Four Rockwell veneers closed the spaces and gave this patient confidence and joy in her new smile."My entire life I have been self conscious about my smile because of the large spaces I had in the middle of my two front teeth, Whether I was having a picture taken or laughing at a joke among friends, I was always wary of smiling for real and showing my teeth and every picture reflects this. I was finally prompted to get this procedure done when my daughter was going to get married, just last year.I met with Dr. DeLopez, who explained the procedure thoroughly. He was so friendly and easy to trust, that I subsequently had no further reservations and was eager to see the new me. The procedure itself only required two visits and it was virtually painless and I felt comfortable in his hands and when I saw the work I knew it would change my life.At first I was convinced I needed this because I wanted to be able to truly smile in those wedding photos and all the pictures I would take in the future, but after living now for several months with my new smile I am a new person! I have more confidence in my abilities to meet and talk with people in my growing business and my personal relationships are flourishing. I cannot thank Dr. DeLopez enough and I recommend this procedure to anyone who is less than pleased with their smile."
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Veneers by Tom E. DeLopez, Tallahassee Dentist