Modern cosmetic dentistry techniques mean that broken teeth can be quickly repaired with bonded white filling material, as seen in this first case. This allows the tooth to stabilize and the patient can even carry on with their daily business, until a crown can be placed.

Contemporary white fillings do more than repair areas of decay or breakage. As they are bonded into your tooth, they conserve the health of those teeth, prevent further deterioration, maintain their strength, and often prevent you from needing crowns. Here are some of the major advantages of Composite Fillings:

  • They are nearly undetectable and blend naturally and beautifully.
  • They will not turn black or make your tooth look blue or gray.
  • They do not corrode or stress the teeth, as common in the older style fillings made of silver and mercury.

By having these procedures done by a doctor who makes attention to detail and undetectable dentistry her aim, your bonding and metal-free fillings will look completely natural. This is because bonding and other types of repairs, require the dentist to free-form the composite material onto the tooth, in a shade, shape and texture that matches your natural teeth. For the best results, it’s important to consider an experienced artist in hand-applying and crafting these fillings.

These state-of-the-art restorations provided by Dr. Savardi and Dr. DeLopez help to restore your oral health, are safe, strong, convenient and fast. Bonding and tooth-colored restorations are also many times a financially sound solution. Contact our team to find out how these lifelike materials can makeover your smile today.

Case Studies