Ceramic crowns, veneers and bridges are all a part of smile makeovers… enhancing your image and your self confidence.

Creating a naturally beautiful smile that captures your unique personality and image requires an experienced dentist. With his artistic creativity and technical expertise, Dr. Savardi and Dr. DeLopez can do that for you.

Creating Your Own Smile

No two individuals are alike nor are any two smiles. We avoid a fake “cookie cutter” or “big tooth look”, where one size fits all. Our goal is to create for you a naturally beautiful smile, that isn’t hand-apparent. This means that Dr. Savardi and Dr. DeLopez creates crowns, veneers and bridges that look like they grew into your mouth and that you were born with a dazzling smile.

Friends, coworkers and even relatives rarely notice that your teeth have changed. They just comment that you look great.

Before doing any cosmetic procedures, Dr. Savardi and Dr. DeLopez takes a series of photos and models of your teeth. Next you and Dr. Savardi and Dr. DeLopez review the photos and models to clarify your goals, what procedures will be required and the cost of that treatment.

When you have agreed upon a treatment plan, Dr. Savardi and Dr. DeLopez sends your models to the lab and wax representations of your new smile are made on those models. This way you agree on an esthetic outcome before your teeth are ever touched.

When your teeth are prepared for the crowns, veneers or bridges, these wax models are used to fabricate your temporary restorations. This means you “test drive” and approve your new smile or make any desired changes before the permanent ceramic restorations are finished and placed onto the teeth.

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